A new beginning

Dear lost visitor, welcome to this humble website. How come you ended up here?

Once upon a time, I had a website that hosted my art, and other miscellaneous stuff. That was only a few years back – said website was up from 2000, until early 2007. But to me, it seems like it was ages ago. It feels somewhat shameful to think it was messy, full of tables, coded with Adobe GoLive, and had frames.

Today, I’m finally launching a new website, after more than 3 years, though unofficially for now. This one is powered by WordPress and a plethora of nifty plugins, and runs on php and css. Some things still need some tuning, it’s a bit empty for now, but I intend on taking advantage of the current long week-end to fill it with more materials.

TL;dr : Welcome to my website, which has no frames!


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  1. Attention je ne suis pas un spam 😉
    Et donc très joli site, j’aime ce genre de teintes & déco. Je lui souhaite une longue vie! Et plein d’updates!!!

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