About me

Name : Bleu
Age : N/A
Location : Paris, France
Job : graphic designer, illustrator
Hobbies : music, reading/writing, arts, video games

About my art

Favorite tools : alcohol markers, Painter, Photoshop, Intuos 4 tablet
Main influences : Hiwatari Saki, Shimura Takako, Kakinouchi Narumi, Kiriko Nananan, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Reiko Shimizu, Junji Ito, Eiichiro Oda, Hideaki Sorachi, Shigenori Soejima
Favorite themes : dark-haired girls, sky and space, solitude, trees
Favorite colors : pink, purple, orange, brown


How long have you been drawing? Since I was a teen.
What tools do you use when drawing? My hands, a computer and an Intuos tablet. And as far as traditional media go, various paints and markers.
Will you teach me how to draw? I’m not patient or talented enough to teach anyone.
Can I use your work for [insert random idea]? No, unless you’re willing to hire me and pay for it. Drawing takes a lot of time, and I have to spend money on drawing materials, so if you have use for my talent, I will get paid. I’m flattered though.
What if I want to hire you to draw something for me? You can contact me so we can discuss this matter (I currently have time for commissions).

My art on the internet

Deviant art